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     Famous Guests of the Groovey Grill Mansion

The Groovey Grill Mansion is the rebirth of the former Groovey Grill restaurant.  The stately Museum District Mansion has flourished as a popular restaurant for over 30 years and is now the perfect venue for private social or corporate events. 

The original Groovey Grill Restaurant was established in 1944, by Faurice and Jessie Prince, as a sandwich shop in Southeast Houston, Texas. The married couple wanted to provide an eatery for Blacks during segregation, supplying them with accommodations that other establishments in the area elected not to provide.

In 1947, the Princes relocated their enterprise across the street from Texas Southern University where they began to acquire a strong, dedicated clientele. Students and faculty often frequented between and after classes, enjoying traditional southern cuisine. The Groovey Grill expended to its present location, the magnificent mansion at 2619 Calumet street. Since its relocation in 1967, The Groovey has hosted many political figures and celebrities.

In 1992, a local attorney, Walter Strickland, purchased The Groovey.  It has always been his aspiration to return the establishment to its original ambiance and to provide an environment for social and business events.

The Groovey Grill Mansion.

Famous Guests

Shiela Jackson Lee
Beyonce Knowels

Calvin Owens

Dr. Thomas F. Freeman
Carl Lewis
Dr. Otis King

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